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What are qrallpapers? Wallpapers with qrcodes are qrallpapers 

Benefits: They Bridge the Physical World & Digital World. You cannot click a Physical Wall Paper to get connected to the Digital World. But, you can Scan A QRallPaper's QRcode & Get Connected. A Square Inch QRcode at One Corner of any QRallPaper, will give it Digital Life. Can be used for ADs, Offers, Gifts, Contests, Quizzes, Social Media Links. We all can have QRallPapers on our SMART Phones, iPADs, Laptops, Desktops, TVs, Digital Signages & On Our Walls at Home, Office, Small Business etc.,

QRallPapers Bridging The Physical World & Digital World.


QRallPapers ... That Rock Your World.

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